Team Leader update

Isaac Grigor, Team Leader.

Everything is coming together

With the passing of September comes a signiicant milestone in the lead up to the 2015 FSAE campaign: it is officially little less than 3 months left until competition begins on De- cember the 10th at Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne. SAE-Australasia have recently pub- lished a team list of the 36 teams that have registered to attend the 2015 competition, in- cluding the regulars from New Zealand and Australia but also foreign entries from Europe, Japan and South-East Asia. It is with much excitement that we count down the days to go!

The car is coming together excellently. All of the outsourced machining and components have arrived. The manufacture process has not been without hiccups and obstacles, but the team and its sponsors have overcove them with enthusiasm! Final assembly is almost in- ished with a rolling car and the planning of our extensive testing regime underway.

The powertrain team have been reining this year’s engine tune on our journey for more power and drivability; in particular tuning for the change in the intake geometry necessitated by the 2015 car design. In previous years, the team's have tuned the engines to produce around 55 HP at the crank, beating many other teams running naturally- aspirated single-cylinders, and in some cases beating teams with turbochargers too! Power levels are looking similar for the 2015 tune, with a possible increase in mid-range torque which the drivers are sure to love.


The last weekend of August saw the annual Courses and Careers day at the University of Auckland. We were lucky enough to be given a spot in the Engineering atrium, and saw interest from many people - the car always proves to be a good conversation starter!

As always, a big thank you to all our sponsors is necessary building this car is nothing short of a true team effort. We hope the oncoming summer treats you well!