Applications have closed for 2017!
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Building and designing an electric racecar is an incredibly dynamic project in need of exceptional students. Apply and become a part of one of the most rewarding organisations at The University of Auckland.

Learn from-scratch Engineering manufacturing. 

Learn high-level Engineering design and considerable CAD skills.

Learn how to procure sponsors and liaise with media.

There are endless opportunities for your personal development.


The team is structured into our management team and 6 sub-groups: Chassis, Suspension, Driveline, Aerodynamics, Electrical and Business. When you join the team and pass through our application process, you will be put into one of these six sub-groups. For your first year on the team, design will be finalised before you arrive. This means that you will be manufacturing and testing the car before joining us at the FSAE-Australasia competition in December. We are looking for Engineering, Business and Media students this year, but are happy to consider applications from other disciplines if you have something special to offer.

The expected workload is between 10 and 15 hours per week. This will fluctuate during the year around both our manufacturing timeline and around the University semesters. 

Mechanical Recruitment

Mechanical skills are the bread and butter of the team. As a Mechanical recruit, your role will focus on either metal or composites manufacturing in the Chassis, Suspension, Driveline or Aerodynamics subgroup. Most skills are taught on the job but having an aptitude for practical skills is a must! 

Metal fabrication skills include hand fabrication, manual machining and welding. 

Composites fabrication skills include hand finishing, wet lamination, pre-impregnated layup and infusions. 

Electrical Recruitment

A large section of the team now focuses explicitly on electrical skills. Ideal candidates are high level Mechatronics or Electrical Engineering students but we are open to considering others if you show promise. 

Our electrical team are responsible for operating and maintaining both the 500V high voltage and the 24V low voltage components of the car.  

We develop custom battery packs, vehicle management software and motor controllers. There is near endless scope for custom development and we encourage you to come up with your own ideas to explore!

Business Recruitment

Our Business Team plays a fundamental role in the operation of the team. As a Business recruit, your role will involve generating and maintaining sponsorship, generating revenue, managing publicity and marketing, event organisation and publishing newsletters. The role of a Business recruit requires a diverse skills base to draw upon. We recruit specialists and generalists, too! 

We're looking for:

  • Content Creators 
  • Website Managers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Sponsor Liaisons 
  • Event organisers




Application Process

  • Attend our workshop tour and bbq on Sunday the 12th of March
  • Fill out the online application form
  • Interviews
  • Newbie Projects
  • New team members announced


The first get together will be the Recruitment BBQ at Newmarket Campus, Sunday March 12th at 12pm. 

We then require an online application to be filled out. If you wish to be considered for the team, take your time and fill it out to a high standard! This application will be one of our first impressions of you. If you're unsure about whether the team is right for you, attend our barbeque before filling out the application form.

If your application is approved, we will schedule an interview with you. This will consist of a few brief technical questions - just to understand your train of thought - and more general questions about interest, motivation and commitment. 

If you're still managing to impress us, you will enter the final stage of the application: Newbie Projects. You will be assigned a technical project and given a week to complete it. This is the hardest stage of the application. Most applicants have not previously been in a workshop environment - so do not stress if you take a few moments to acclimatise! This stage is the most realistic team experience we can offer. You are expected to attend our team meetings on top of your workshop effort.